Sunday, February 24, 2013

Comfort after a long day -

This is my inaugural post on The Moccasin Blog. I am taking over the duties from John who is busy teaching Math and taking it to new levels. I am Katie, his wife. I grew up working at the Arrow Gift Shop so I have been selling Minnetonka Moccasins for 36 years. I started by bagging for my dad and jumped right into sales, I was a natural. (Working for ice cream cones was pretty awesome also). I know Minnetonka Moccasins inside and out. I can assist you in getting the best style and fit for your foot. I have 5 children ranging in age for 9-19 so I have experience buying shoes for all ages. Today I am sitting in the lodge at Ski Brule in Upper Michigan for my son's birthday as he ski's with a friend. I like people watching and that is what I am doing today, along with reading a good book. I check out the shoe racks because that is what I do. I see many slippers and sheepskin boots there. It looks like people want to be comfortable when they get done skiing so they get off the slopes. What better way to do that then to slip your feet into a soft, cozy moccasin. I am wearing the Minnetonka Tall Black Mukluk boot today and have gotten several compliments on them here at Ski Brule. They are so comfortable. I have not been able to wear the Minnetonka Sheepskin boots before as I have issues with my feet. These Mukluk boots have a very sturdy sole so my ankle and feet don't role in them. Well, that is it for my first blog. I hope I didn't bore you too much.

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